Monday, November 12, 2007

Love Love Love (Love Love) The Poem

This is a poem I wrote for my girlfriend who goes by the name of Shelley. Early into our relationship I would get on her case about dedicating a song to me, since I was always into sentimental stuff like that. One night she told me she found a song for me, which was "Love Love Love (Love Love)" by As Tall As Lions. At first I didn't pay attention to it (I think the new Timbaland album came out and I was all about Timbo the King), but then the song grew on me and I fell in love with the whole vibe of the song.

While I feel like the lyrics can relate, it was the chill yet "big-sounding" music that I liked best. Then I realized that I could rap to the song so I wrote a verse to it. I tried to make an instrumental of the song so I could blend my rap over the song but it didn't work. I figured it would be best to make the verse a poem to recite.

I got to recite that poem on a Friday night at some chick's house with a bunch of friends over. I'm not good at performing because I have stage-fright like a mofo yet when I got to performing the poem, it ended up coming out the way I wanted it to come out (with a few breathe-breaks in the middle). Jeez I'm such a good boyfriend!

Love Love Love (Love Love) the poem

Love, love, love, love...
after sometime, it's something I find true,
Love, Love, Love...
Love's not a grave, it won't decay on you,
Love, Love, Love...
Too many days I was afraid of
Love, love, love, love, love

are you sick of wishing,
hope diminishing,
thinking there's nobody out there?
are you tired of waiting,
done contemplating,
debating whether you should care?
well if you're willing to risk it all,
then say you're ready to fall,
love is the safety net,
i'm willing to bet,
love's ready to catch us, baggage and all!

I ravaged through fall,
survived the winter,
bitterness entered this innocence
gave me a better sense,
measured my negligence,
gained some intelligence,
haven't felt better since!
so give me your skeletons,
open your closet,
tell me your secrets,
feel free to unlock it,
lower you guard,
not here to attack
as a matter of fact
i got your back!

so cut me some slack,
your love is addictive,
don't know how to act,
emotions are vivid,
when i run it back,
the memories visit
i'll follow you to the black
if you're with it,
and it's been a minute,
a couple of heartbreaks,
down the drain,
poisoned the vein,
pleasure and pain,
am i insane
to think that i could be in love again?

but our time is due,
to come up with something new
dreams coming true
when i run to you,
i'm loving the view,
and its all up to you,
if the world should see it too,

Why should we even fuss,
this love is a must,
trust i'm ready to give it all up for your

Love Love Love Love Love!!!


Paula said...

mind if i re-post the poem? full credit to you, of course :)

sharlene said...

very cute ching!! love the poem.


Kristine. said...

=)Cute. Almost as cute as that shirt you asked me about lol.